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Consultation and Coaching

If you are feeling stuck or overwhelmed, our team of professionals is ready to help you with your workflows, team building, technology, and more!

Monthly Mastery and Mentoring Plan

If you need more accountability, expert advice and entrepreneurial coaching in your life, look no further! Our entire team is available to you to help not only get you over your business hurdles, but can run alongside of you until you reach the finish line - and beyond! We are here to not only make sure you achieve your goals, but to keep you performing year after year.

Best Value

Mastery & Mentorship



Every month

6 Hours of Consultation per Month

Valid until canceled

30 Minute Meeting with Ethan

30 Minute Meeting with Jill

30 Minute Meeting with Nathan

Your business deserves to have the right team in place (that's us!) to be there for the leader (that's you!) to sustain and grow to new levels of success.


For 6 hours per month, our talented team can help you with:

  • Bookkeeping Questions and Processes, like using Quickbooks for invoicing and accounts payable, timesheets and more.

  • Human Resource Management, like how to be legal and compliant, and how to develop your workforce.

  • Information Technology (and we won't just tell you to turn to your computer off, then on again...) hands-on and virtual assistance when you're in a jam. Or in a pickle. Either one, we got you.

  • Photo Organizing Equipment - Hardware and materials you need for digital and physical photo organizing.

  • Digitization Assistance - Camera Scanning, Flatbed Scanning and High-Speed Scanning and everything Lightroom.

  • Marketing and Website assistance - from brainstorming ideas that work to web design assistance, we are here to walk the talk with you!


You can interchange our team members, book in 30 minute slots, all during normal business hours. You can make a LOT happen in 6 productive hours in your business. 


The fine print:

These hours DO expire every month, BUT you can cancel anytime, or elect to do the individual bookings going forward. Maybe you want to stop for a few months and start again? Ok. See, we're easy to work with.

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